China: 18 new occupational information such as robotics engineering technicians will be announced to the public

 According to the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, in April 2021, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the State Administration for Market Regulation and the National Bureau of Statistics jointly launched the "People's Republic of China Occupation Classification Ceremony (2015 Edition)" (hereinafter referred to as Dadian) revision work. After procedures such as soliciting revision suggestions from the public, organizing expert evaluation and demonstration, and soliciting opinions from industry departments in writing, the revision work of the ceremony has been basically completed. In order to comprehensively, objectively, truthfully and accurately reflect the actual situation of the current social occupational development, it is planned to include the new occupational information into the new edition of the ceremony. At the same time, in order to promote the employment and entrepreneurship of young people, especially college graduates, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will announce relevant new occupation information to the public in the near future. Among them, 18 new occupation information such as robotic engineering technicians will be released to the society as the first batch. Public notice, widely solicited opinions.

Among them, this revision of the ceremony conducted a special study on occupational classification under the background of industrial digitization and digital industrialization, and planned to mark the occupations with obvious digital characteristics . The "Robot Engineering Technician", "Additive Manufacturing Engineering Technician", "Data Security Engineering Technician", "Digital Solution Designer", "Database Operation Administrator", "Information System Adaptation Verifier" and "Digital Twin Application" announced this time. Occupations such as technician”, “business data analyst”, and “agricultural digital technician” all refer to the “Statistical Classification of Digital Economy and Its Core Industries (2021)”, from the two basic perspectives of digital industrialization and industrial digitalization, focusing on digital language expression, It is defined by three dimensions of digital information transmission, digital content production, and six indicators including tools, environment, goals, content, process, and output. Labeling digital occupations is an important innovation in occupational classification work in my country, and is of great significance to promoting the development of digital economy and digital technology and improving the digital literacy of the whole people.

In the next step, the new career information will be officially included in the new edition of the ceremony after it has been publicized for comments, revised and improved . The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will work with relevant departments to formulate new professional standards, and at the same time widely solicit new professional standards or evaluation norms from the society. Instruct training institutions to carry out training in accordance with national occupational standards. At the same time, socialized evaluation is actively and steadily implemented, and evaluation activities are carried out by employers and social organizations registered with the human resources and social security department. For those who are qualified by the evaluation, the evaluation agency will issue a certificate in accordance with relevant regulations. The information of the certified personnel is included in the scope of talent statistics, and the certified personnel enjoy policies such as vocational training subsidies and vocational skills appraisal subsidies as required.

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