China Taiwan Semiconductor High-paying Ranking

The Taiwan Stock Exchange and the Over-the-Counter Trading Center released the average salary cost of listed over-the-counter companies in 2021 yesterday, and it is estimated that the average salary of as many as 110 companies will reach 2 million. More than RMB 6,110,000 of Ruiding is the crown, and high-priced stocks such as Xinhua, Xiangshuo, MediaTek, Realtek, Novatek, and Phison are also on the list.

According to the report, it is worth noting that eight of the top ten listed companies with high salaries are in the semiconductor industry; the average salary of employees in the semiconductor industry of listed companies is as high as 2.038 million yuan (about 468,700 yuan). The semiconductor industry of the cabinet company is 1.375 million yuan (about 316,300 yuan), which is the highest in all industries.

In addition, there are also investment control companies on the list, such as Lianhua, ASE Investment Control, Xinlianda Investment Control, etc. Since the salary of high-level employees is added, the overall staff level is raised, especially the investment holding company has a small number of employees, and Mainly with high-level employees, especially Lianhua in the food industry, the number of employees listed is only eight.

The Taiwan Stock Exchange and OTC Center announced the average salary cost of all companies for the first time yesterday. Among them, the average cost of 73 listed companies and 37 OTC companies exceeded 2 million yuan.

Judging from the top ten, listed companies ranked first with Ruiding’s average salary per employee of NT$6.11 million (about 1.4053 million yuan), followed by Novatek with 5.16 million (about 1.1868 million yuan), and No. Three MediaTek’s 5.13 million yuan (about 1.1799 million yuan), and the other more than 4 million yuan are Sitronix, Realtek, Jinghaoke; Lianhua, ASE Investment Control, Evergreen, and Xiangshuo are more than 3.6 million yuan. 

The report pointed out that among the top ten listed companies, Lingyang Innovation was the first with 3.95 million yuan, Jieli ranked second with 3.86 million yuan, Shengjia Electronics was third with 3.53 million yuan, and the rest with an average salary of more than 3 million yuan and Jingyan, Yaohuayao, Yuanxiang, Jiuqi, Xinhua, Xinlianda invested and controlled, and the group was 2.82 million yuan.

The remaining listed companies with more than 2 million yuan include Yangming 2.79 million yuan, Wanhai 2.54 million yuan, Sinosteel 2.46 million yuan, Hon Hai 2.34 million yuan, Acer 2.26 million yuan, ASUS 2.07 million yuan; leading wafer foundry TSMC, each employee receives 2.46 million yuan. Compared with listed companies, the "2 million annual salary club" of listed companies has significantly more biotechnology companies, such as Shengda 2.61 million yuan, Shenghuake 2.41 million yuan, Zhiqing 2.37 million yuan, and Yi'an 2.16 million yuan.

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