Chinese smartphone makers are poaching engineers from Samsung and LG with more than 4 times the high salary

Chinese smartphone manufacturers are attracting outstanding Korean smartphone engineers with more than four times the high salary. 

Some analysts believe that as South Korea is losing ground in the smartphone market, Chinese companies have begun to contact South Korean engineers, and related companies are recruiting engineers from Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics in large numbers through headhunting companies.

It is reported that Samsung Electronics’ smartphone workforce has shrunk for three consecutive years , with 27,649 in 2019, 27,094 in 2020, and 26,426 in 2021. It is reported that many of those who have left Samsung have moved to Chinese smartphone companies. 

Separately, LG Electronics announced its exit from the smartphone business in 2021. The company's smartphone engineers are currently working in other business units, but they are smartphone experts with the latest technology, so they are seen as recruiting targets by Chinese smartphone makers.

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