CINNO: Decrease in terminal demand, LCD TV panel prices continued to fall in June

CINNO Research released a report saying that the terminal demand fell, and the price of LCD TV panels continued to fall in June.

The report pointed out that due to the decrease in TV brand demand, the panel industry has begun to reduce the utilization rate since May, and some brand customers hope that orders in May and June will be consolidated and settled, which further increases the panel factory's operating rate from June to the third quarter. Due to the overall operating pressure, it is expected that the average price of LCD TV panels of various specifications will continue to drop to a record low this month.

According to CINNO Research, a number of panel factories have officially implemented production reduction plans, and some TV brands hope that orders in May and June will be settled together, which will put more pressure on domestic panel factories to reduce the utilization rate. It is expected that the utilization rate of domestic TFT-LCD panel production lines will further decline by about 8 percentage points month-on-month in June, that is, the average utilization rate will be around 76%, which will hit a new low since the epidemic in 2020, and the production area will be compared with May. A drop of more than 10%.

Statistics show that the 32” LCD TV panel fell more than expected in May, and the 43” and 50” LCD TV panel products are expected to reach the bottom of the price from June to July under the production reduction policy started in June. The 55” LCD TV panel is expected to The lowest price point will also be reached in July. However, since the inventory of 65" and 75" LCD TV panels is still increasing, the price drop will depend on the actual production capacity adjustment of the G10.5/11 high-generation production line.

CINNO Research estimates that the price decline of LCD TV panels in June will be fully convergent compared with that in May. The 32" LCD TV panel market is expected to drop by $1 to $28. The 43" LCD TV panel market is expected to drop by $3 to $55. The price of 50" and 55" LCD TV panels fell by US$2, and the average market price fell to US$72 and US$86 respectively. The average price of 65" LCD TV panels will be as low as $122 in June, down $6. The average price of 75" LCD TV panels will drop to $210 in June.

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