Foxconn car chip and third-generation semiconductor fab expected to start production next year

Foxconn expects that their fabs focusing on automotive chips and next-generation semiconductors will be put into production in 2023.

According to information disclosed by Foxconn Chairman Liu Yangwei at the recent shareholders meeting, foreign media reported that Foxconn's wafer fab to produce automotive chips and next-generation semiconductors will be put into production in 2023.

At the general meeting of shareholders, Liu Yangwei talked about the new goals for electric vehicles, semiconductors and next-generation network communications in the next three years. He emphasized that the 10% gross profit margin target in the medium and long term will remain unchanged .

In terms of in-house production of key automotive chips, Liu Yangwei revealed that silicon carbide for on-board chargers will start mass production in 2023, and automotive micro-control units will be filmed in 2024 for optical phased array lidars and inverters The silicon carbide power module of the device will start mass production in 2024.

In addition, Liu Yangwei also revealed that Foxconn will invest in the development of a full range of medium and high voltage power components in order to achieve mass production of automotive power management chips in 2024.

Foxconn's 8-inch wafers and 6-inch wafers for automotive chips are scheduled to start mass production in 2023, and 6-inch silicon carbide wafers are planned to start trial production in 2023.

In terms of semiconductors, Liu Yangwei revealed that they will continue to promote the layout in the semiconductor field according to the 3+3 strategy, not only to expand production capacity, but also to increase research and development in automotive semiconductor products, and to set up research institutions to help promote the next generation of technology plans.

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