Garmin launches Forerunner 955 series watc

Garmin Garmin released the Forerunner 955 series triathlon sports watch, the first time to use solar charging and multi-frequency multi-star positioning system for the Forerunner series, priced from 4280 yuan.

According to reports, this series of watches is equipped with a Power Glass solar charging panel, which is designed for long-term wear and use. In smart mode, the battery life can be up to 20 days , and in GPS mode, the duration can be up to 49 hours. According to the official, the textured color dial is clearly visible even in direct sunlight, and the sensitive touch screen combined with the traditional five-button design can quickly access daily health monitoring and make it easier to find information such as maps.

Officially, the Forerunner 955 series helps athletes challenge their limits and pursue breakthroughs. The data monitored by the fourth-generation heart rate sensor is calculated and analyzed by Firstbeat Analytics to obtain real-time data and training suggestions, such as VO2 max, training load, training status, training effect, etc. In addition, new features such as the HRV Status Widget and Daily Training Suggestions give athletes a better understanding of their overall training status and whether recent training sessions have been effective, peaked or relaxed. Daily training recommendations will provide a full week of daily training guidance based on the athlete's fitness level and overall fitness, and can even be adjusted according to the game plan set in the Race Assistant.

With a compatible Running Dynamics Sensor 4 or HRM-PRO Advanced Dual Mode Heart Rate Sensor, it can monitor running dynamics such as cadence, stride length, touchdown time, etc. In addition, it is compatible with Garmin power meters to monitor cycling dynamics such as seated-stand riding, power distribution and pedal center offset. In the water, the Forerunner 955 can also track swimmers' distance, stroke count, pace, personal records, and more. The training data is synchronized to the Garmin Connect App, and athletes can improve the training effect through monitoring, analysis and guidance.

In addition to sports monitoring, it also has a 24/7 health tracking function, a new good morning greeting, and you can view information such as weather forecast, training sessions, and sleep and HRV status. Get sleep scores with Pulse Ox monitoring to help athletes adjust to reasonable exercise and rest times.

In addition, women's health monitoring, including menstrual cycle and pregnancy tracking, can edit symptoms, add notes, and care for women in special times . Listen to and download your favorite music through third-party music apps, up to 2000, and connect to wireless bluetooth headphones. Paired with a compatible smartphone, you can enjoy the convenience of 24/7 connectivity, and the NFC transportation card, Alipay and WeChat payment functions allow you to shop easily and travel conveniently. Turn on the safety and tracking function, when you are running or cycling outdoors, the Forerunner 955 will detect the incident and send SMS or email to emergency contacts7 to reduce outdoor risks.

The Garmin Forerunner 955 series will launch two models, a sports version and a solar version, with an official suggested retail price of 4,280. 

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