HTC: It will launch new mobile phones in 2023

HTC held a new smartphone HTC Desire 22 pro launch conference on the metaverse platform VIVERSE this afternoon. According to Taiwanese media Economic Daily, HTC Asia Pacific General Manager Huang Zhaoying was interviewed At the time, the phone's hardware is quite competitive and had the opportunity to attract existing fans and new user groups. After the machine is listed in Taiwan, it will also be listed in the European market in July, and the Japanese market will be a little later.

Huang Zhaoying also revealed that HTC will launch new accessories such as mobile phones and VR in the second half of the year, as well as plans for 5G products, and will have the opportunity to launch the next new mobile phone in 2023. "We hope there will be no delays and changes."

At present, HTC still accounts for most of the revenue in the hardware part, but Huang Zhaoying pointed out that there are more and more content and service partners participating, and the software revenue hopes to increase year by year. "We still hope to generate revenue in a relatively short period of time." Hardware VR This market is expected to grow, but it will not be explosive growth, but a slight upward trend.

Huang Zhaoying also revealed that HTC has a three-stage strategy for the development of the Metaverse. In order to allow users to quickly enter the Metaverse, the Metaverse will increase partners in the first stage, the second stage is to facilitate consumer experience, and the third stage is to hope that the Metaverse platform "VIVERSE" is a membership subscription system, allowing business operations to develop from hardware to software services.

On February 28 this year, HTC Vive officially announced the metaverse brand Viverse, and announced the first Viverse product demonstration at the 2022 MWC. According to the official statement, Viverse is the next chapter of VIVE's virtual reality vision. Viverse will provide a seamless experience, users can use a variety of hardware devices such as tablets, PCs, smartphones, etc., at any time and anywhere, and enter through a browser. Viverse. The entire Viverse is realized through the virtual reality, augmented reality, high-speed connectivity, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology that HTC has invested in over the years. Judging from the promotional video, the form of Viverse is very similar to META's "Horizon Worlds" and Baidu's "Xiyang". Users have a customizable virtual character in it, and Viverse provides many scenes. You can chat together, watch shows, participate in concerts, etc. together.

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