Huawei responded to "finalizing cooperation with Chery, Jianghuai Automobile, etc

Huawei insiders responded that "Huawei Zhixuan and Chery, Jianghuai, Jihu Automobile and others have finalized the smart car business cooperation", saying that there is currently nothing to disclose. information . Chery Automobile officials said that they have not received the news.

According to a 36 Krypton report earlier today, Huawei has cooperated with Chery Automobile for at least two models, and also has cooperation with Jianghuai Automobile for at least one car . In addition to the HI program in cooperation with Jihu Automobile, there will also be cooperation in a smart car . Huawei will be deeply involved in the product definition, core component selection, and sales and service system of Smart Cars, and Smart Cars will eventually be sold in Huawei's terminal stores.

Huawei's smart car business has cooperated with Jinkang New Energy to launch two models, the Jinconsailis SF5 and the Wenjie M5, and the Wenjie M7 will be released at the end of this month. 

Among them, the Wenjie M5 is the first mass-produced car under the new brand AITO jointly launched by Huawei and Xiaokang Co., Ltd. It was released on December 23 last year and started delivery on March 5 this year. It has exceeded 10,000 units in 87 days, reaching 11,296 units . The fastest delivery of a single model of the brand broke the record of 10,000 . In March, April, and May, 3,045, 3,245 and 5,006 units were delivered, respectively.

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