Huawei's new patent: A detachable electronic device

Today some netizens found that Huawei has applied for a patent for its detachable electronic device. To the World Intellectual Property Organization that this is a detachable electronic device that can be used in products such as laptops.

According to reports, this electronic device includes a first part provided with a first docking structure and a second part provided with a second docking structure. 

The first docking structure includes a first base and a gear, a hook, a first rack, a second rack, a first magnetic member and an elastic member mounted on the first base; the first rack is located on one side of the gear, the second rack is located on the other side of the gear; the hook is arranged on one side of the second rack and faces the second docking structure; the first magnetic element is arranged on one side of the first rack and faces the second docking structure. The second docking structure includes a second magnetic member and a second base.

When the first part is docked with the second part, the first magnetic element pushes the first rack away from the second part, the gear rotates and drives the second rack to approach the second part, and the hook extends and is accommodated in the docking slot. After the detachable connection between the first part and the second part is released, the elastic member pushes the second rack and retracts the hook into the first base.

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