Intel Ruixuan A380 entry-level desktop graphics card parameter exposure

A few days ago, MSI launched a new upcoming host on, equipped with Intel's 12th-generation Core, and the first Ruixuan A380. Now, this product has been discontinued.

Foreign media NoteBookCheck today exposed the detailed parameter information of this Ruixuan A380.

According to reports, the Ruixuan A380 graphics card will use 8 Xe cores, that is, 1024 stream processors, with a GPU frequency of up to 2.45GHz and a TDP of 75W. The video memory is 6GB GDDR6, 96bit width.

In terms of parameters, the A380 6G seems to be a large video memory version of the mobile A370M 4G.

It should be noted that this Ruixuan A380 on the MSI host is an OC version, and its power consumption may be higher than 75W.

In terms of game performance, the product page shows that this model can achieve about 85 frames of "Eternal Calamity", "League of Legends" can reach more than 200FPS, and "PUBG" can also reach 94FPS .

According to previous reports, the Ruixuan A3XX series will be launched first in China and then globally. After that, Intel will launch Ruixuan A5XX and A7 XX high-end graphics cards globally this summer.

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