Intel's high-end independent display Ruixuan A730M running score exposure

Last night, the world's first notebook mechanic Dawning 16 equipped with Intel Ruixuan A730M high-end graphics card went on sale, and the i7-12700H + A730M configuration was launched at 7499 yuan.

Now, the "Golden Pig Upgrade Package" of the industry has obtained this machine, and released the 3DMark Time Spy running score of Ruixuan A730M.

The Time Spy graphics card of Intel Ruixuan A730M reached 10107. For reference, the average score of RTX 3070 notebook graphics card in the 3DMark Time Spy benchmark database is 10254, and the highest score is 13117; the average score of RTX 3060 is 8335, and the highest score is 10546.

The mechanic Jingdong customer service said that the performance of the Intel Ruixuan A730M is "almost 3060" .

Ruixuan A730M adopts Xe-HPG architecture, 6nm process, 24 Xe cores, that is, 3072 stream processors , equipped with 12GB large video memory, and supports direct connection of independent graphics . This graphics card supports Intel Xe oversampling, deep linking technology, high-speed AI acceleration engine and advanced media engine.

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