iPod touch has been removed from Apple's official website in all regions of the world

Apple today removed the iPod touch product page from its website in all regions of the world , marking the final end of the player.

Nearly a month after Apple announced it was discontinuing the iPod touch in early May, the device was completely unavailable to order from its online store. While stocks last, users may still be able to buy the iPod touch at an authorized Apple reseller.

The iPod was first introduced in October 2001 and is one of Apple's most iconic products, but with the increasing variety of products that can play music, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod mini Both can partially contain the functionality of the iPod. The latest seventh-generation iPod touch launched in May 2019.

After the last iPod touch was officially discontinued earlier this month, the value of the entire iPod line rose slightly , but in-use devices continued to surge , according to trade-in pricing data collected by SellCell from more than 40 independent U.S. technology resale companies. depreciation.

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