Lanji preheats the new graphics card

Earlier this year, the manufacturer Lanji released the DG1 MAX INDEX graphics card with Intel GPU, which it claims to be the only 96EU desktop graphics card in mainland China. Now, Lanji will release a new Intel graphics card, which is expected to be a new Ruixuan series.

As shown in the picture above, Lanji has released a number of warm-up posters. From the posters, it can only be seen that this graphics card uses a single 8pin power supply and dual fan cooling. 

Intel has released the Ruixuan series of mobile independent display at the end of March, of which the A370M model has been launched in China by Raytheon notebooks, and the A730M high-performance model has been launched in China by Mechanic Games.

At present, it is not clear what model Lanji's new desktop graphics card is. 

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