Loongson Microcomputer Principles and Interface Technology Textbooks Released

According to the official news of Godson, the book "Principles and Applications of Microcomputer Systems" on the software and hardware integration of domestic Godson processors (basics) was officially published.

The book consists of 11 chapters, focusing on the introduction of the principles of hardware and software elements that constitute a microcomputer system. The purpose is to enable readers to master the general methods for designing and analyzing computer system hardware and software elements. The same applies to embedded systems.

According to reports, as a course textbook, the publication of "The Principles and Applications of Microcomputer Systems: Software and Hardware Integration of Domestic Loongson Processors (Basic)" aims to build a complete set of software and hardware teaching systems based on Loongson processors and cultivate future for the industry. engineer. This textbook is the planning textbook of the "Industry-University Cooperation and Collaborative Education" project of Loongson Zhongke Technology Co., Ltd.-Ministry of Education.

The official said that the books and supporting courses (Loongson "Microcomputer Principles and Interface Technology" course) are all based on the teaching development board and experimental toolbox of the Loongson 1 processor as the hardware platform, and the Loongson embedded integrated development environment LoongIDE as the software platform. For the first time, domestic microprocessors and their ecosystems are used as a theoretical and practical teaching platform for courses related to microcomputer principles and interface technology, and the teaching content of this course is promoted to the same level as the teaching content of similar courses around the world.

The textbook is now available on JD.com, priced at 88.4 yuan.

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