Manufacturer Hyte launches high-end PCIe 4.0 graphics card extension cable

Some ITX chassis will now choose to install the graphics card vertically and connect it to the motherboard with a PCIe extension cable. This design helps space utilization, and can also use the side-through chassis to display the RGB lighting effect of the graphics card.

Now, PC case and accessory maker Hyte has launched a low-cost PCIe graphics card extension cable, which it bills as "the only beautiful luxury PCIe 4.0 extension cable on the market."

As shown in the picture above, the end of this PCIe extension cable connected to the motherboard adopts a "small graphics card" design, which is mainly used for decoration.

In terms of parameters, this is a PCIe 4.0 compatible adapter cable that supports 16 PCIe lanes and has a length of 200 mm . Cables are 30 AWG silver-plated copper with FEP insulation.

In terms of price, Hyte lists this adapter at $79.99, or about 540 yuan.

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