Meta Zuckerberg posts pictures, PS drops shiny Apple Logo on MacBook

The is well known that the relationship between Apple and Meta is tense, and the two companies often criticize each other. Even Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg are attacking each other publicly and privately. However, despite his hatred of Apple, Zuckerberg doesn't seem to be able to resist using a MacBook.

But Meta doesn't want you to know...

In a Facebook post this week, Zuckerberg shared a photo of himself surrounded by McDonald's food, apparently to "celebrate McDonald's joining the Workplace." Workplace is the company's "all-in-one business communications platform."

Even more bizarre than the image of Zuckerberg licking his lips surrounded by McDonald's food is the MacBook placed in front of him. You'll notice something glaringly missing from the MacBook: the shiny Apple logo on the lid. Certainly not Zuckerberg's MacBook is special.

Meta's failed PS on Zuckerberg's Mac

Instead, what appears to be happening here is that Meta PR Photoshopped Zuckerberg's laptop and removed the Apple logo. It's obviously a MacBook, but Meta PR (or even Zuckerberg himself) is afraid to post a picture showing the Apple logo.

It sounds odd, but it is, after Zuckerberg reportedly ordered all Facebook executives to use Android phones after Apple CEO Tim Cook criticized the company's handling of user data. Facebook denied the report, saying it "encourages" the use of Android phones, but did not ban executives from using iPhones.

(Zuckerberg himself apparently uses one of Samsung's Android phones, calling himself a "big fan" of the company.)

Tim Cook's remarks that allegedly angered Zuckerberg were made privately. The two met in 2019, during which Zuckerberg asked Cook how he would "handle the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal."

Cook's response was that the company should "delete any information it collects about people outside of its core applications." The idea apparently shocked Zuckerberg so much that it set him on the path of war with Apple and Tim Cook.

Zuckerberg has since accused Apple of "killing" the iPhone, charging "monopoly rents" on the App Store, "incentivizing" to interfere with Facebook, and more. Zuckerberg even told his employees at one point to "inflict pain" on Apple.

For his part, Tim Cook denounced Facebook's business model, saying the company put warring over privacy, leading to "polarization and violence." Asked in an interview how he would respond to a Cambridge Analytica-style scandal, Cook doubled down: "I wouldn't be in this situation."

Previously, Zuckerberg also put tape on his MacBook's webcam and microphone. The CEO of Facebook, a company that doesn't care about user privacy, worries that Apple will spy on him through his Mac's webcam and microphone. And he's still using a MacBook today!

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