Micron is diversifying market risk with automotive memory

Micron has benefited from growing demand for automotive memory, diversifying market risk.

According to Taiwanese media digitimes, a connected car can generate up to 25GB of data per hour, which may grow to 4TB and 20TB if you count the data collected by ADAS and autonomous driving sensors. Smart cars require more storage than other edge devices. chip.

Micron, which generates 6% of its revenue from automotive applications, is different from other DRAM makers making it less susceptible to boom-and-bust cycles in the standard DRAM industry.

Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron, the world's top three DRAM manufacturers, used to focus on PC and mobile applications. Compared with Samsung and SK Hynix, Micron set its sights on automotive and industrial applications earlier to diversify market risks. Provides nearly half of the world's automotive memory chips.

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