MSI: The epidemic has caused significant changes in the supply and demand pattern of the industry

At MSI's shareholders meeting yesterday, Chairman Xu Xiang said that the epidemic has caused significant changes in the supply and demand of the industry, and the overall industry development this year will face many challenges. Various new businesses, products and application markets will continue to be developed to reduce the impact of the war on regional revenue.

Data shows that MSI’s consolidated revenue last year was NT$201.81 billion, a year-on- year increase of 37.75% . Xu Xiang said that the epidemic of COVID-19 and its variants will spread in 2021, but with the gradual increase in the vaccination rate, the global economy has resumed growth significantly, and the cost-effective new platform has brought about the effect of replacement, prompting personal computer (PC) And the demand for e-sports-related products continues to grow. 

However, Xu Xiang pointed out that the increase in demand has also caused the supply of upstream electronic components to be insufficient. In addition, the global logistics continues to be tight, and supply chain bottlenecks have made PC shipments in short supply . MSI maintains a long-term good relationship with supply chain and channel customers, and closely grasps the needs of end users. Therefore, it responds properly and supplies smoothly. In 2021, it will once again deliver a record card with record high revenue and profit.

Looking forward to 2022, Xu Xiang emphasized that with the gradual change of the impact of the epidemic, the industrial supply and demand patterns have also changed significantly, coupled with the negative impact of geopolitics such as the Russian-Ukrainian war and high inflation on consumer demand, this year's overall Industrial development will face many challenges . Facing the rapid changes in the external environment, MSI will continue to integrate various units such as business marketing, R&D and operation management to improve operational performance.

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