MSI launched a new host: equipped with Intel 12th generation Core Duo

MSI launched an upcoming new host on, equipped with Intel Alder Lake platform and Arc independent display, known as the world's first Arc A380 graphics card.

Intel previously confirmed that the Intel Arc desktop display will be exclusively launched in China through OEM partners. This is also the first known product of the Intel Arc desktop platform-only graphics.

Judging from the official data, this model can achieve the performance of "Eternal Calamity" at around 85 frames, and "League of Legends" can reach more than 200FPS, and "PUBG" can also reach 94FPS.

According to MSI, the card will come with 6 GB of GDDR6 memory and use a full 96-bit bus, while the mobile version is limited to 4 GB of 64 bits. Judging from previous revelations, the Arc A380 should be equipped with a full ACM-G11 GPU and 8 Xe-Cores.

It is worth mentioning that this graphics card is marked with an "OC" suffix, which means that it is not a public version, and an overclocked version produced by MSI itself.

Of course, this desktop comes in a variety of configurations, whether it's a Core i3-12100F C or an i7-12700KF, but both are equipped with an Arc A380 6GB graphics card and a 550W or 650W power supply, and the hardware in other aspects looks very mediocre.

Of course, this host has not yet opened an appointment, and MSI has not disclosed when it will go on sale. It is expected to be officially announced after the official announcement of the Intel Arc desktop graphics card.

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