Netac launches DDR5 flagship memory

According to the official news of Netac, the flagship Z series DDR5 memory was officially released, 6200MHz frequency, CL36 timing.

According to reports, in terms of appearance, the Z series has two color schemes, black and silver, and is also equipped with an aluminum alloy vest. The difference is that the black model uses a metal wire drawing process, while the silver model uses the same electroplating silver process as the top light guide. In terms of materials, the thickness of the heat sink reaches 1.8mm, which is twice the thickness of ordinary memory heat sinks.

Netac launched 6200MHz this time, the capacity is 16/32GB*2, the sequence is 36-36-36-96, the voltage is 1.35V , and it supports XMP3.0 one-key overclocking technology. At the same time, Netac said that 6200MHz is only the starting frequency, and higher frequencies will be introduced in the future.

In addition to the flagship Z series memory, Netac also announced that the Jueying DDR5 series memory will soon be available with two new 5600MHz and 6200MHz frequencies.

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