Nikon will launch at least one full-frame model and APS-C model this year

Nikon will release at least two new cameras this year, most likely an APS-C and a full-frame model (the previous two Nikon new cameras. cameras are registered), and one of them is the Z30 (to be released later this month with the new 400mm f/4.5 Z lens).

However, foreign media can not confirm the model of the second camera, because the information given by different sources is different.

At the same time, foreign media also said that in the future models after Z63 will be high-pixel models, not the current 24 million pixels (at least 30 million pixels or more).

Regarding the Z 8, Nikon Rumors believes that once it is released, it will seize the market share of the Z 9, and the Z 9 Nikon still has a large backlog of orders that have not been delivered. Therefore, the release date of the Z 8 is still unknown.

Regarding another camera, foreign media believe that the new Nikon Z5 II or Nikon Z4 is basically unlikely, because entry-level full-frame cameras are not very popular, and many companies are still focusing on APS-C mirrorless products. However, foreign media believe that it may be a new Nikon Z6 III or a new Nikon Z8 camera with a sensor above 30MP.

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