NIO Portable Charging and Discharging All-in-One Released

NIO portable charging and discharging machine was officially released to meet the needs of multiple scenarios. It will be officially opened for rent at the end of July this year, supporting all NIO models that have been released for mass production. It also supports charging for other brand models with national standard charging ports.

It is understood that the all-in-one machine can be charged and discharged, directly connected to the 220V socket for power, and can be powered from the vehicle's DC charging port , with a maximum DC charging power of 2.85kW and a maximum discharge power of 3.3kW. Discharge, short circuit and over temperature protection functions, support IP66 dustproof and waterproof.

The all-in-one machine currently only supports weekly rental experience from official rental channels, and the rental price is 168 yuan per week.

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