Open source Harmony OpenHarmony 3.2 Beta1 released

The Open Atom Open Source Foundation officially released the OpenAtom OpenHarmony ("OpenHarmony") 3.2 Beta1 version.

 The update content shows that OpenHarmony 3.2 Beta1 has achieved enhancements in the basic capabilities of lightweight systems, standard system basic capabilities, standard system distributed capabilities, standard system application framework capabilities, and standard system application capabilities, including new Supports functions such as compiling and building capabilities for Arm 64-bit system versions , graphics support for secure screenshots, and secure screen recording. 

The following are the new and updated contents of the 3.2 Beta1 version officially announced by OpenHarmony:

Enhanced basic capabilities of lightweight systems

The lightweight LiteOS system and the Linux system IPC are unified, which builds and improves the inter-process communication capabilities, including distributed inter-process communication, and provides local and distributed inter-process communication capabilities for distributed services and apps.

Enhancement of basic capabilities of standard systems

Added support for compiling and building for Arm 64-bit system versions.

Graphics support secure screenshots and secure screen recording; support for embedding display capabilities in other application interfaces.

The window supports the ability to quickly switch the desktop and restore the application window, wake the screen from the window, keep the screen always on / adjust the screen brightness of the window, and secure the layer.

The Ark VM supports multi-instance debugging, as well as conditional breakpoints and watch expression capabilities.

Multi-mode input supports remote control, mouse, keyboard input device hot-plug monitoring capability.

Securely supports OpenHarmony's cross-device same-account mutual trust authentication capability.

Enhanced distributed capabilities of standard systems

System service management supports group verification mechanism capability.

Standard System Application Framework Capability Enhancement

ArkUI supports the AbilityComponent component to embed the application interface (Ability) as a control in other applications to display; enhance the ability of column and sidebar components, and support the ability to automatically hide by dragging and dropping.

Package management supports the installation, uninstallation, and query of sandbox applications, and the unpacking tool supports Stage model capabilities.

Meta-capability support Stage model supports Worker mechanism, and DFX capabilities such as ANR and application main thread stuck detection are added.

Enhanced application capabilities of standard systems

The gallery supports basic dynamic effects, supports image editing and saving capabilities, and provides OEM custom development capabilities.

Global developers can download the complete code through Gitee and mirror sites.

OpenHarmony 3.2 Beta1 release notes

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