Panasonic: 4680 lithium battery is expected to supply Tesla in 2023

Panasonic Energy (Panasonic) said at a June 1 legal meeting that by 2028, its vehicle battery production capacity will be expanded by 3 to 4 times , mainly in the North American market.
In addition, regarding the company's new 4680 large cylindrical lithium-ion battery for vehicles that the company plans to mass-produce at the Wakayama factory in Japan, it will be ahead of other competitors and is expected to be supplied to Tesla from 2023 . previously reported that in April this year, Tesla began to deliver Model Y from its new Texas factory . At the Cyber ​​Rodeo opening event, Tesla delivered the first batch of cars equipped with 4680 self-developed batteries.

However, Tesla needs more batteries, so it urgently needs to work with battery suppliers to produce more new 4680 cells. As Tesla's battery partner, Panasonic's batteries are obviously high hopes for Tesla.

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