Peng Shuanglang, Chairman of AUO: The original sales target for Q2 fell through

AUO Chairman Peng Shuanglang admitted at the shareholders' meeting that due to the interference of multiple factors in the macro environment, AUO announced at the last legal meeting. The operating sales target for the second quarter of 2019 was greatly affected and could not be fully achieved , and continued efforts to reduce the impact will be made in June.

AUO said at the French conference on April 26 that looking forward to the second quarter, shipments will decrease by 1%-3% month-on-month, prices are expected to decrease by 7%-9% month-on-month , and the capacity utilization rate will be reduced. It will be dynamically adjusted according to market demand.

According to financial data, in May 2022, AUO’s consolidated revenue was NT$21.971 billion (approximately RMB 4.987 billion), a month-on-month increase of 8.6% and a year-on-year decrease of 31.6% .

In addition, AUO's total panel shipment area in May reached 1.756 million square meters, an increase of 11.3% from April. The accumulated consolidated revenue in the first five months of this year was NT$123.721 billion (about RMB 28.085 billion), a year-on- year decrease of 14.5% .

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