Qualcomm dominates the 5G mobile phone millimeter wave RF transceiver market

Thanks to the rapid iteration of 5G and 6G communications, millimeter waves have become a major development direction of the global communications industry. Yole expects the AiP and mmWave front-end module market to be worth $2.7 billion by 2026.

Strategy Analytics recently released a report that Qualcomm will gain considerable revenue and market share from the smartphone 5G millimeter wave market in 2021.

According to the Strategy Analytics report, the market demand for millimeter-wave RF transceivers for 5G smartphones will increase significantly in 2021, and Qualcomm will occupy the majority of the market share.

Christopher Taylor, Director and Author of Strategy Analytics RF & Wireless Component Services, said: "The need for additional RF transceivers for 5G smartphone mmWave solutions, rather than transceivers supporting the Sub-6GHz band, expands its market. As of 2021 Being the first to be the only supplier of mmWave-enabled 5G smartphone solutions in 2018, Qualcomm captures most of the high added value of mmWave components for 5G smartphones through its mmWave transceivers and modules."

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