Rockchip introduces a full range of electronic paper chip solutions:

Rockchip issued a document to introduce its layout in the field of electronic paper applications, including three solutions: high-end RK3566, mid-range PX30 and entry-level RKNanoD.

The official said that Rockchip RK3566 is positioned as a high-end product . In addition to the mainstream size, it can also support e-paper devices such as readers over 13 inches, notebooks and digital signage. RK3566 adopts 4-core A55 architecture processor, integrated G52 graphics processor, and built-in independent NPU, with a computing power of 1Tops, and supports low-latency handwriting function.

Rockchip PX30 is a mid-end product for e-paper from 6 inches to 8 inches , including e-book readers, e-paper notebooks, etc. PX30 integrates quad-core A35 processor and Mali-G31MP2 GPU. It adopts soft solution method without external TCON and low power consumption.

For the entry-level market, Rockchip RKNanoD is aimed at smart wearable, label display, and mobile phone accessories electronic paper products . It has three advantages of high cost performance, low power consumption, and multi-functionality. Thanks to the dual-core MCU architecture, with electronic paper hardware TCON The interface is greatly beneficial to the large-scale application and deployment of products at low cost.

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