ROG launches Fusion 2 headphones

According to ROG official news, the new upgraded version of the fusion series headset that was unveiled at the new product launch at the beginning of the year Fusion 2 headset was officially launched. There are ROG Fusion 2 500 and ROG Fusion 2 300 two types. The prices are 929 yuan and 799 yuan respectively.

According to reports, the ROG Fusion 2 500 gaming headset is equipped with a high-fidelity four-channel DAC decoding chip, equipped with an AI beamforming microphone , with AI voice noise reduction technology, supports 130dB signal-to-noise ratio and virtual 7.1 surround sound effects, adopts 50mm sound unit and professional Sealed cavity design.

The ROG Fusion 2 500 gaming headset is equipped with an independent voice control knob for one-handed operation; intuitive control buttons on the earcups allow for easy mute switching, virtual 7.1 mode switching, and more.

The ROG Fusion 2 300 gaming headset is identical in appearance and performance to the Fusion 2 500, except that the ROG Fusion 2 300 does not have an independent voice control system. Both Fusion 2 headphones are equipped with two ear cups, and they are designed with USB-C (USB-A) & 3.5mm headphone jack.

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