Samsung and Intel frequently make moves to catch up with TSMC

TSMC has advanced process technology leadership and professional wafer foundry advantages, and its leading position in the industry is still difficult to shake, while the pursuers Samsung and Intel are eyeing them. Today, wrote an analysis and pointed out that in addition to continuing to expand production and sprint advanced process technology, Samsung and Intel are also actively chasing TSMC through various strategies such as mergers and acquisitions, cooperation with competitors, and equipment grabbing.

Samsung has made frequent moves recently. In late May, it announced that its capital expenditure in the next five years will reach 360 billion US dollars, focusing on semiconductors, biomedicine, and communications. Although it did not disclose details such as the proportion of capital expenditure investment in each business, Samsung will focus on investing in the semiconductor field. It is estimated that the scale of semiconductor investment in the next five years will exceed 100 billion US dollars.

In addition to the large-scale investment, in order to compete for EUV equipment, it is reported that Samsung Group Vice Chairman Li Zairong will go to the Netherlands next week to visit ASML, a major semiconductor equipment manufacturer, with the goal of obtaining the most advanced lithography machine.

In addition, it was reported in April that Samsung would set up a special working group, directly managed by Vice-Chairman Han Jong-hee. The members of the group include the planning and strategy department, and about 10 senior executives and employees from each department to speed up mergers and acquisitions; and this was The second time Lee Jae-yong went to the Netherlands, the outside world also expected that Lee Jae-yong would explore merger and acquisition opportunities to accelerate the growth of the semiconductor business.’s report also pointed out that Intel’s actions are also active, reflecting the market strategy of “the enemy of the enemy is a friend”. CEO Kissinger went to South Korea to meet with Lee Jae-yong last week. Cooperation in many fields such as foundry, PC, and mobile terminals.

Industry analysts pointed out that Intel intends to seek more support for Samsung's foundry capacity by strengthening its cooperation with Samsung to diversify the risk of relying on TSMC.

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