Samsung launches Galaxy S22 Ultra limited edition "Night Lively" gift box in Vietnam

The limited-edition "Night Lively" gift box of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra appeared on Samsung's Vietnam official website, and it will be listed on June 24 and sold for a limited time for one week.

The gift box claims to be worth 42,670,000 VND (about 12,246.29 yuan), but the price is 30,990,000 VND (about 8,894.13 yuan). The box includes the Galaxy S22 Ultra Fog Pine Green, Galaxy Watch 4 Silver Edition, and a 15W wireless charging pad that can charge both devices.

It's unclear what Samsung's purpose in releasing this limited-edition Galaxy S22 Ultra box is, and there's no word that the box will be available in other markets. Samsung, together with Blizzard and LG U+, launched a limited-edition mobile phone of "Diablo: Immortal" in South Korea. The phone is limited to 100 units in South Korea only.

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