Samsung TV The Wall on sale: China's first 110-inch Micro LED panel

Samsung first released the first-generation The Wall TV at the CES conference in early 2018. At that time, the product was priced at more than 1 million yuan, and netizens called it more expensive than a wall in Beijing.

Now Samsung has launched the latest The Wall TV, the first domestic 110-inch Micro LED TV screen, using self-luminous COB package, featuring large-screen borderless smart display / home giant screen, officially launched today, only 1,049,999 yuan.

Samsung The Wall TV 2022 has a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, 4K UHD resolution, 120% color gamut, supports HDR10 and HDR10+, a maximum brightness of 2000 nits, a thickness of 24.9mm, and a length and width of 2422.5mm and 1364.1mm respectively.

The 2022 The Wall TV has a built-in Micro AI processor, supports 20bit color depth, is equipped with Muti-View technology, can process four dynamic signal sources on the same screen, supports Black Seal technology, and is also equipped with full-range speakers with dynamic sound and sound. Source voice technology, with 6.2.2CH speakers and 100W built-in audio to achieve full surround sound, and supports Dolby sound.

This TV provides 6 HDMI ports (4×2.0+2×2.1), supports four-view function, can split up to 4 screens and supports various connection methods. Samsung The Wall also supports BixbyAI voice assistant, equipped with 4+32GB storage, see the product page for other details.

Samsung released several models of The Wall in Barcelona this year, but it appears to be the only one on the domestic shelves so far.

Popular science: Micro LED display technology refers to a display technology that uses self-luminous micron-scale LEDs as light-emitting pixel units and assembles them on a drive panel to form a high-density LED array. It has almost all the advantages of OLED display technology, and it can achieve extremely high brightness without worrying about the aging of the light-emitting unit, and its lifespan is far better than that of OLED displays.

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