Shanghai has opened more than 50,000 5G base stations in total

According to data from the Shanghai Communications Administration, as of April 2022, Shanghai had built a total of 51,716 5G base stations, the average annual growth rate of 5G base stations exceeded 65%, and the density of 5G base stations reached 8.2/square. km, ranking first in the country , and the number of 5G base stations per 10,000 people reached 20.8, ranking second in the country.

Among them, as of April 2022, the three basic telecommunications companies have accumulated 9.301 million 5G mobile phone users , accounting for 21.3% of mobile phone users. In April 2022, the access traffic of 5G mobile Internet users has reached 120 million GB , accounting for more than 30% of the mobile Internet access traffic.

The Shanghai Communications Administration said that since June 2019, basic telecommunications companies have accelerated 5G investment, and Shanghai basic telecommunications companies (including tower companies) have invested a total of 37.56 billion yuan in fixed assets, of which 5G investment is 12.30 billion yuan, accounting for 5G investment in fixed assets The proportion is 32.8%.

The data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on June 6 shows that China has opened 1.615 million 5G base stations , and the 5G network covers all cities, counties, urban areas and 87% of townships and towns across the country. The total number of 5G mobile phone users exceeds 413 million households. There are 2,400 "5G + Industrial Internet" projects under construction and more than 20,000 5G application cases.

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