Shentianma: Will accelerate the deployment of LTPS production line to vehicle and IT market

Investor relations activity records show that Shen Tianma recently stated on a conference call that in the first quarter of this year, the company's special display business revenue increased by 30% year -on-year. The a-Si production line has successfully transformed into a dedicated display, which accounts for nearly 80%; the LTPS production line, on the basis of consolidating the mobile phone display industry, actively explores the automotive and tablet & notebook markets, and the automotive LTPS revenue has increased by over 200% year-on-year. %, LTPS tablet & notebook revenue increased by over 300% year-on-year.

Shen Tianma said that the company's OLED business continues to make progress: the revenue of OLED rigid smart wearable products increased by more than 90% year-on-year; the TM17 production line shipped stably in the first quarter, and various projects for main customers were successfully developed, and continued in the second quarter. Incremental; The TM18 production line has completed the first product lighting in February this year, and is working closely with industry brand customers, and is expected to be mass-produced by the end of the year. 

In addition, Shentianma said that in 2022, the company will consolidate the achievements of the transformation of the a-Si production line, accelerate the deployment of the LTPS production line to the vehicle and IT markets, actively develop new energy vehicle display applications , and focus on promoting the TM17 production line to achieve a larger scale. At the same time, the trial operation of the TM18 production line and the construction of the TM19 production line (the 8.6th generation a-Si / IGZO panel production line) and the new display module production line were promoted.

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