Sony releases new shotgun microphone ECM-B1

Sony released a new shotgun microphone ECM-B10, priced at 1999 yuan, and it will go on sale in mid-July.

Sony's new microphone adopts a more compact and compact design, and also has the advanced directional pickup function and digital signal processing technology of the ECM-B1M.

The new ECM-B10 has the following features:

1. Three directional modes to adapt to different environmental radio needs.

2. Sony digital audio technology provides better sound quality recording.

3. Hot shoe power supply, no need for separate battery power supply, stable shooting outdoors.

4. There is no need for cable connection, which can avoid unnecessary noise caused by loosening or friction of the body due to accidental touch of the cable.

5. Compact and compact, avoid the microphone entering the lens when shooting with a wide-angle lens.

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