Sony's new ZV series camera exposure

Sony will next release an entry-level or mid-range APS-C model of the ZV series mainly for vlog users.

It was previously reported that Sony's ZV series model is the APS-C flagship model, and its performance is comparable to the α1, so it is also known as the mini α1. However, SAR later denied this claim, saying that this model is just an entry-level or mid-range model.

Last week it was reported that Sony will release a new APS-C ILCE camera. Like the α9/α1, the new camera has a backlight stack sensor.

It is said that the model will have five-axis image stabilization and uncropped 4k60p video shooting capabilities, and other specifications are also one of the best in the APS-C format currently on the market.

Sources say the new camera will be one of the best APS-C video mirrorless cameras on the market today (at least in terms of specs).

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