The Nvidia RTX 3080 12GB model is discontinued

Foreign media OC3D quoted sources who said that due to the price reduction of graphics cards, Nvidia has now stopped producing its RTX 3080 12GB graphics cards and will no longer send RTX 3080 12GB GPU chips to its partners.

The NVIDIA RTX 3080 series includes RTX 3080 10GB, RTX 3080 12GB, and RTX 3080 Ti (12GB). Now as the price of graphics cards has dropped significantly and the price difference has become smaller, Nvidia has cut the RTX 3080 12GB in favor of the RTX 3080 Ti sales.

In terms of parameters, the RTX 3080 12GB has the same memory capacity as the RTX 3080 Ti, but the former has 8960 CUDA cores and the latter 10240.

In terms of price, the current price of MSI Chaolong RTX 3080 12GB is 6999 yuan, and the price of Chaolong RTX 3080 Ti is 9799 yuan.

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