The old Japanese father made a DIY walkable bedside lamp for 5,000 yuan

What should I do if I don't want to go to the toilet in the dark in the middle of the night?

"Let the bedside lamp learn to walk and accompany you."

Watching this flexible 6 legs "click", it is not a problem to lead the way and turn.

Is someone blocking the road ahead? It doesn't matter, it will still sit in place. Don't say it, this little chic looks like a real thing...

It turned out that an IT brother in Neon Country (Twitter: lanius), in order to make his two daughters no longer afraid of going to the toilet in the middle of the night, specially invented a walkable bedside lamp .

In terms of function, it can really light up the dark road to the toilet in the middle of the night. But if you want to say that people are "not afraid", I'm afraid it really can't make people agree...

No, in the comment area, the comments of netizens are all from Aunt Sauce:

Waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom will be the first thing to be frightened by it.

Thanks, I just fell asleep.

I'm not afraid, but I'm not afraid, maybe I'm going to go directly.

Some people instantly think of the human-faced spider in the Blade of Ghost Slayer, the monster Fang Wen in Illusory Warriors, and so on...

There are even bacteriophages that come to mind.

In this little brother's house, it's not just the bedside lamps that are running around all over the floor. The toy storage baskets, footstools, mobile phone chargers, and pillows in his home also "long legs".

If these gadgets are activated at the same time... The picture is a bit unimaginable!

3D printed homemade robotic legs

Before this time aroused the onlookers of netizens, in fact, the little brother already had a popular project - a walkable toy storage basket.

At the time, the project attracted nearly 20,000 likes on Twitter.

In terms of appearance, compared with it, the walkable bedside lamp only replaces the objects on the mechanical legs, and the core part has not changed much. And this set of mechanical legs is not a purchased finished kit, it is completely self-made by the little brother using 3D CAD modeling and 3D printing. 

After commands such as "slow forward" and "quick turn" are given to the robotic leg, it can automatically generate appropriate walking patterns.

For example, when it interacts with older children, it moves faster and bolder. When interacting with small children, it will switch to small step mode and move more carefully.

The little brother said that although this is still an adjustment based on remote control, the mechanical legs can autonomously change their gait according to the required movement speed.

It took him only 3 or 4 days to make this walking toy basket.

He said that this is because he has done many similar small transformations before, and the basic tools and frameworks are complete, so it is faster to do it.

When he first tried this kind of magic change, it took about half a year to model and test, and the cost was about 100,000 yen (equivalent to about 5,000 yuan).

There have also been several iterations of the mechanical legs, and the original version had only 4 legs and the movement mode was cumbersome.

In contrast, the movement patterns of today's robotic legs further mimic the situation when a creature walks. This is also one of the original intentions of the little brother to play this series of magic changes, which is to make the mechanical objects look as if they are alive.

So far, there are more than a dozen small pieces of furniture with such long legs in my house, including but not limited to routers, pillows, mobile phone chargers, footstools, tissue boxes, hair dryers, etc.

In addition, he has also tried "brain-opening" inventions such as pet robots.

For example , let the seasoning automatically move to the side of the pot.

Netizen: I choose bedwetting

All in all, the invention of this little Japanese brother always reveals a "useful but not entirely useful" atmosphere. Take the walkable bedside lamp that became popular this time, perhaps because it was originally designed for children, it is relatively slow in moving speed.

Some netizens complained: If I follow it in the middle of the night, I will suffocate to death.

However, someone immediately added:

If this thing crawls wildly, it will be even more ghostly...

But in any case, the little brother's two daughters get along very happily with these little inventions.

At least, they are now in love with doge.

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