The salary of the director of Taiwan's semiconductor factory has risen sharply

Taiwan's semiconductor industry has been facing the challenge of talent shortage. In recent years, in the face of fierce competition in the talent market, in order to compete for limited talents, various manufacturers have raised salaries to recruit and retain talents. The salaries of supervisors have generally increased substantially.

More than 10 people's salaries reached the NT$100 million mark last year. A report from the Economic Daily pointed out that, benefiting from the booming semiconductor industry, a number of semiconductor factories contributed revenue and profits last year to record highs, and employee salaries also rose. According to estimates from public information, Ruiding's average employee salary last year reached 6.119 million yuan, the highest among listed companies, with an annual growth rate of 153.4%.

Others, such as Novatek and MediaTek, had an average salary of RMB 5.162 million and RMB 5.138 million respectively last year, with an annual increase of 58.4% and 50.5%; those with an annual salary of RMB 4 million included Sitronix, Realtek and Jinghao Ke, whose average salary last year was respectively The annual growth rate reached 4.949 million yuan, 4.866 million yuan, and 4.605 million yuan, with an annual growth rate of 132.6%, 50%, and 117.7%; the top 6 average salaries of employees of listed companies are in the semiconductor industry.

In addition, according to the data in the annual report, Hou Yongqing, the senior deputy general manager of the Eurasian business of the foundry TSMC, jumped upwards on the remuneration scale last year, and he ranked the same as the senior deputy general manager of the Eurasian business such as He Limei and other senior deputy general managers. The salary scale is over 100 million yuan. . Another wafer foundry, UMC, performed well last year, with profits growing by more than 90%. Chairman and chief strategy officer Hong Jiacong and two co-general managers, Jian Shanjie and Wang Shi, both exceeded 100 million yuan in remuneration last year.

The remuneration of Fang Lue, chairman and general manager of the world's advanced wafer foundry, Xie Zaiju, general manager of LiSMC, and Pan Jiancheng, CEO of the storage control chip factory, and general manager Ouyang Zhiguang, also jumped to more than 100 million yuan last year.

MediaTek includes Executive Deputy General Manager and Chief Financial Officer Gu Dawei, Executive Deputy General Manager Zhuang Chengde, Executive Deputy General Manager, and Technical Chief Zhou Yujun, Senior Deputy General Manager You Renjie, Senior Deputy General Manager Yang Zheming, Senior Deputy General Manager Cai Shouren, The remuneration of as many as seven executives including Deputy General Manager Vincent Yung Mien Hu jumped to more than 100 million yuan last year.

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