TSMC will spend NT$1 trillion to expand 2nm production capacity

TSMC will spend 1 trillion NT (about 229 billion yuan) to expand the 2nm production capacity layout in Taichung, and is expected to build a semiconductor industry chain park in Zhongqing Yigong.

Wei Zhejia, president of TSMC, said at a legal meeting held on April 14 that TSMC's 2nm is expected to be the most mature and suitable technology to support customer growth, and TSMC's goal is to mass-produce it in 2025 .

TSMC will launch Nanosheet / Nanowire transistor architecture at the 2nm node, and will also adopt new materials, including High mobility channel, 2D, CNT, etc. Among them, in terms of 2D materials, TSMC has explored other materials other than graphene, which can gradually be used. used in transistors.

It was previously reported that TSMC has won the land for the Bamboo 2nm plant, and more than 90% of the landlords have agreed to purchase and levy, and it is expected to obtain all the land by June at the latest.

TSMC's consolidated revenue in the first quarter was NT$491.076 billion, an increase of 35.5% from NT$362.41 billion in the same period last year; net profit was NT$202.733 billion, an increase of 45.1% compared with NT$139.690 billion in the same period last year.

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