TSMC's sudden warning: advanced process production capacity will be in short supply

The global semiconductor industry has encountered a crisis of mature capacity shortage in the past two years, resulting in shortages and price increases of power management, display driver ICs, MOSFETs, MCUs, sensors and other related chips. The influence of the industry is still fermenting.

At a time when the expansion of foundry factories is advancing, consumer electronics demand is weak, and the industry is slashing orders, the industry originally expected the capacity supply situation to improve in the second half of 2022, but the foundry giant TSMC suddenly came out with bad news, warning customers that after next year Annual production capacity is lower than expected.

TSMC recently issued a notice to customers saying that the arrival of advanced manufacturing equipment has been delayed, and the annual production capacity increase in the next year may not be as expected.

According to the news announced by TSMC's recent shareholder meeting, next year's capital expenditure will be as high as 40 billion US dollars, mainly used to expand advanced process production capacity. Although the notice did not mention the specific process, TSMC's position implies that the production capacity of advanced processes such as 4nm and 3nm will be very tight in the future.

It is reported that the US media also quoted Handel Jones, CEO of the research institute BIS, as saying that due to the surge in market demand and the shortage of semiconductor equipment, the production capacity of 3nm and 2nm advanced processes will face challenges, and there may be a 10% or even 20% gap from 2024 to 2025. .

As the world's largest and most advanced wafer foundry, what impact will TSMC's statement have on the industry chain? Will the chips that use advanced technology be out of stock and increase in price? What impact will it bring to the development of high-end chips in mainland China?

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