TSMC's US 5nm factory short film exposed

TSMC's 5-nanometer plant in Arizona, which will start mass production in 2024, has been attracting attention. Recently, TSMC announced a short video on the construction of the factory on social media and said that the construction of the factory is progressing steadily.

Two years ago, TSMC announced plans to invest billions of dollars to build a 5nm fab in Arizona, the largest foreign direct investment in Arizona's history.

In the short video, TSMC stated that the Arizona plant will start construction in April 2021 and is expected to be operational in 2024 with a monthly production capacity of 20,000 pieces; it is expected to create 2,000 direct jobs and thousands of indirect jobs.

After mass production at the Arizona plant, the plant will have the most advanced wafer manufacturing technology in the United States, and TSMC's customers will benefit from the benefits of being close to world-class foundries and industrial supply chains.

In response to the development of the geopolitical situation and customer demand, TSMC began to build factories overseas last year. In addition to the US factory, a joint venture with Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS) and Denso Corporation (DENSO) has established a JASM fab in Kumamoto, Japan, and is expected to produce 22nm, 28nm, 12nm, and 16nm by the end of 2024. products, with a monthly production capacity of 55,000 pieces.

It was also reported that TSMC may go to Germany and Singapore to set up factories. TSMC has said that the former is still in a very early stage of discussion, while the latter does not rule out any possibility, but there are currently no specific plans.

According to Taiwanese media reports, on June 8, TSMC will hold a shareholders' meeting and will express its views on five topics such as industrial prosperity, supply and demand, global layout, and competition. is the focus of attention. (Proofreading / Proofreading)

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