Weilai's all-in-one charging and discharging machine is 168 yuan / week, which is only rented and not sold

NIO today released a portable charging and discharging machine to meet the needs of multiple scenarios. The rental price is 168 yuan per week . It is expected to open the first batch of urban trial operations at the end of July and nationwide operations at the end of August.

As soon as this news was released, it caused a heated discussion in the official community of Weilai . The official announcement article received more than 2,000 comments, and many netizens complained that it only rents but does not sell, or does not want a charging gun but only wants a discharge gun.

Several official accounts of Weilai also responded by commenting on the article. Power-up small energy means:

Everyone's demand for buying out the portable charging and discharging machine has been received, and we will promote the research. The production capacity will be relatively tight in the initial stage of product launch, and the rental model can relatively serve more users.

Li Bin, founder of NIO, said:

Accept everyone's criticism. Because the initial production capacity is slow to allow more users to have the opportunity to use it, and considering that this is a low-frequency demand, we want to use the power station to provide the rental demand for scenarios such as camping. The rental price is based on idle time and labor. I didn't expect so many users to buy it. We accept everyone's criticism and will discuss more service plans as soon as possible.

Shen Fei, Senior Vice President of NIO Energy, said:

Thank you for your feedback, simply renting is really not considered well! The output of the first two months is limited, and the cost of charging and discharging is higher than that of a simple discharge gun, so we rent it through a power station first.... Without saying anything, we will quickly increase the output to meet the purchase demand.

The all-in-one machine can be charged and discharged, directly connected to the 220V socket to get power, and can also be powered from the vehicle's DC charging port , with a maximum DC charging power of 2.85kW and a maximum discharge power of 3.3kW. Charge, over-discharge, short-circuit and over-temperature protection functions, support IP66 dustproof and waterproof.

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