Xiaomi 5G new machine enters the network

Yesterday, a Xiaomi 5G digital mobile phone with model number 2206122SC (codenamed L2S) passed 3C certification, equipped with a charger with model number MDY-12-ED, and supports up to 120W output .

The 3C certification shows that the applicant and manufacturer of this Xiaomi 5G mobile phone are Beijing Xiaomi Electronic Products Co., Ltd., and the production plant is Fuzhikang Precision Electronics (Langfang) Co., Ltd. The first certification date is June 6.

According to previous reports, this model should be the Xiaomi Mi 12S Pro Snapdragon 8+ version . IT Home has learned that Xiaomi currently has a number of new flagships online.

Previously, Xiaomi 5G mobile phones with model numbers 22061218C and 2206123SC passed the 3C certification on June 1 and were equipped with 67W chargers. Among them, L3S (2206123SC) is the flagship of Xiaomi's small screen, and L18 (22061218C) is Xiaomi's true iterative folding screen.

In addition, the Xiaomi 5G mobile phone with model number 2207122MC (codenamed L2M) passed 3C certification on May 31, and is also equipped with a charger with model number MDY-12-EF. 2207122MC is expected to be the Mi 12S Pro model equipped with Dimensity 9000.

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