Xiaomi responds to the problem of "TV screen automatically falls off"

Xiaomi responded to the "TV screen automatically falls off", saying that it has confirmed that due to the production of Xiaomi TV EA70, very few devices may have screen opening problems . Affected devices are locked in two batches with production dates between February 14th and March 20th.

According to the report, the relevant person in charge of Xiaomi said that the two batches of EA70 TVs will be provided with free on-site maintenance services and an additional two-year extended warranty service. "We will provide a query tool as soon as possible to facilitate users to check whether their devices meet this service plan." Previously, two Xiaomi TV users reported that they encountered the problem of the TV screen falling off automatically.

Weibo netizen @我 Braingong the most handsome in the world recently reported that the LCD screen of the Xiaomi TV at home fell and shattered, and a surveillance video was posted. Surveillance showed that the TV screen fell off for itself and was not stimulated by external forces.

On May 29, Xiaomi said that Xiaomi has contacted users after sales. At the request of users, Xiaomi is handling extremely fast exchange processing for users , so as not to delay users' daily viewing of movies as much as possible. This is not the first TV screen accident in the industry. Previously, the media also reported that TV brands such as Skyworth and Konka had problems with TV screens falling, involving screen quality, human factors and other reasons.

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