Yujingguang: Strong demand for mobile phone orders in the second half of the year

Optical lens factory Yujingguang Chairman Chen Tianqing and general manager Guo Yingli said in an interview after the shareholders' meeting that mobile phone customers have strong demand for orders in the second half of the year, and production capacity is currently tight. , coupled with the increase in the proportion of non-mobile application products, optimistic about the second half of the year, the target revenue and profit are better than last year.

Chen Tianqing pointed out that although the global inflation problem will weaken the market consumption power, he is still optimistic about the outlook for the second half of the year; the main reason is that the demand from first-class customers is very strong, especially the epidemic has changed the way of human life and accelerated The development of new fields such as VR and AR . Although both mobile phone and non-mobile phone products have expanded production capacity this year, it is still unable to fully meet customer needs, but the final actual shipment still depends on the customer's final delivery status.

In addition, in response to the trend of new lenses this year, Yingli Guo, general manager of Yujingguang, said that customers will improve their specifications every year. This year, including aperture, night photography, pixels, and the number of lenses have been continuously improved , with higher resolution and more and more lenses. Smaller is a challenge.

Talking about product applications that are highly concerned by the outside world, Guo Yingli predicts that the proportion of products other than mobile phones is expected to be close to 10% this year, and will see significant growth in the next year, mainly from the contribution of VR. At present, the proportion of VR is not much. The next year will really increase the volume, and it is hoped that it will increase to more than 30% in the next 3 years. AR is limited by the maturity of related components and is expected to wait for another 3 years.

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