Zhaoxin graphics card Glenfly Arise 1020 appeared

A Zhaoxin PC appeared on Geekbench, exposing its new Glenfly Arise 1020 alone.

As shown in the picture above, this Zhaoxin PC is equipped with a KX-U6780A processor, 8 cores and 8 threads, 2.7GHz, and is equipped with 8GB of memory .

In terms of graphics card, this Zhaoxin PC is equipped with the domestic manufacturer Glenfly's Glenfly Arise 1020 independent graphics , which has 24 CUs, the frequency is very low, only 608MHz, and the video memory is 2GB.

In terms of running points, the OpenCL running score of the Glenfly Arise 1020 alone is only 579 points, which is far inferior to the current mainstream nuclear display .

Zhaoxin is the major shareholder of Glenfiyce . According to the official website of Grenfell, the company is committed to helping customers solve various potential challenges in the fields of computer software and hardware, autonomous driving, online games, and intelligent office by providing hardware and software integrated graphics and image and AMOLED display driver solutions. Diversified needs. The Glenfis team has all the core technologies of graphic image and AMOLED driver products, and masters the graphic and image product architecture independent of Europe and the United States. From architecture to algorithm to implementation, it has completely independent intellectual property rights, and the whole process is safe, reliable and controllable. Chip manufacturing adopts high-end advanced process design.

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