AMD Ryzen 7000 series 6-core CPU appeared in BaseMark database

The engineering sample of AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU first appeared in the BaseMark database. The whistleblower @TUM_APISAK discovered this new AMD processor with the OPN code " 100-000000593-20_Y ".

BaseMark database information shows that this is a 6-core processor with a frequency of 4.4 GHz, and the motherboard is X670 AORUS Master, which only supports AM5 sockets, so it is most likely a new product of AMD Ryzen 7000 series.

In addition, according to the comparison pictures posted by the whistleblower @harukaze5719, the running score of the processor (the rumor is suspected to be R5 7600X) and AMD R9 5950X (Zen3) is compared, showing that the running score is about 10% higher, and the highest, lowest and average frames are also about 10% higher.

It was previously reported that the new Ryzen 7000 series will be led by the R9 7950X, which is likely to be the flagship product with 16 cores and 32 threads, and the TDP should be 170W. AMD showed off its upcoming Ryzen 7000-series desktop CPUs in May. The frequency of this processor is amazing, with all cores up to 5.5GHz, but even that doesn't fully exploit the full TDP specification of 170W.

In addition, AMD will also launch three processors, 7900X, 7800X, and 7600X, which means that there will be no 7700X processor at launch.

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