Analyst: Apple's Mini-LED display supports ProMotion

DSCC analyst Ross Young said that Apple's rumored 27-inch mini-LED display will use ProMotion technology, but it may not be available until early 2023.

Ross Young pointed out that after missing the original June release date of this year, Apple could not meet the rescheduled October time frame, that is to launch a mini-LED display in early 2023. Now it seems a more realistic 's estimate.

According to reports, like the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, the new display will use ProMotion technology, support a 120Hz refresh rate, and use a mini-LED panel.

Ross Young speculates that this device is unlikely to replace the Pro Display XDR, which uses a larger 6K display and costs $4,999 (about 33,543.29 yuan). The new display may be more similar to the $1,599 Apple Studio display, which features a 27-inch display. However, the mini-LED panel and ProMotion technology may make the new product more expensive.

Referring to what Apple plans to release next year, Ross Young added that the rumored 15.2-inch MacBook Air is now scheduled to launch in early 2023.

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