Analysts say Apple's 1.99-inch Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to ship only 1 million units in Q3

Display analyst Ross Young said that the Apple Watch Series 8 with a larger 1.99-inch display is expected to sell relatively low, which may indicate its higher retail price.

Young explained that relatively low production volumes for the larger-screen Apple Watch Series 8 models are expected this year, reflecting its forecast sales.

According to the analysis, Apple expects to ship only 1 million units of the larger Apple Watch Series 8 in Q3 this year, compared with 4 million units of the 45mm "Apple Watch Series 8" model. This suggests that the higher price point may affect sales of the 1.99-inch version of the Apple Watch.

Recently, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman broke the news that Apple's new Apple Watch will launch a Pro model, priced between $900 (about 6,057 yuan) and $999 (about 6,723.27 yuan). In addition to the slightly larger display, the device is expected to offer better durability and longer battery life.

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