Apple iOS / iPadOS 16 public beta 1 supports a lock screen, full-screen music player

Apple today pushed iOS 16 and iPad OS 16 developer preview Beta 3, as well as the first public beta, both of which added a new lock screen feature: a full-screen music player. Since iOS 10, the music player on the iOS lock screen has been in the form of a smaller card player that takes up only a small part of the screen.

In the latest iOS 16 beta, the album art is displayed front and center, and there is a separate music control module below it for controlling music playback. The album art determines the color of the lock screen background, and if you tap the bottom of the display, you can go back to the standard wallpaper and minimize the player. To go back to the album art interface, just click the album icon on the minimized player.

The full-screen music player on the lock screen is part of a major update to the iOS 16 lock screen, which also allows users to customize their lock screen with unique colors, fonts, and appearances. IT House learned that Apple showed off the new full-screen music player at WWDC, but it didn't appear in the iOS 16 beta until today.

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